Best 510 Thread Empty Vaping Cartridges To Buy Bulk Wholesale [UPDATED 2020]

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is becoming more popular every day due to its therapeutic properties. Recent scientific studies have revealed that CBD is quite beneficial to humans, especially when it comes to relieving health conditions. As the demand for CBD is increasing, lots of CBD products are being introduced to give patients more choices in finding a CBD option and method of consumption that suits their health and lifestyle needs.

Best Ways to consume CBD

  • Capsules,
  • Lotion,
  • Tinctures,
  • Gummies
  • Vaping

Vaping is the most effective and gives the best results, You can vape CBD with the help of cartridges.

What Is A Cartridge?

A cartridge is a very small cylindrical tank that holds CBD vape oil (a form of CBD made for vaping). With the help of a CBD vape cartridge, you can comfortably vape CBD oil and get your daily dose of cannabidiol without any hassle. In this article, you’ll learn how to vape CBD efficiently using CBD oil cartridges. You’ll also learn about some of the best pre-filled and re-fillable CBD oil cartridges that are currently available.

Pre-filled CBD Cartridges

A CBD cartridge is a small vape tank that’s pre-filled with CBD vape juice. It comprises of a wick and coil. Pre-filled CBD cartridges are an upgrade to disposable CBD vape pens.

They use universal 510 threading – this simply signifies that they can work perfectly with all of your 510 thread batteries and regular vape pens, unlike CBD vape pods which usually require a proprietary device such as the JUUL.

While they’re mostly regarded as disposable carts, pre-filled CBD cartridges can actually be refilled and used a couple times before being discarded. However, this can only be achieved if the CBD cartridges are made of premium materials. Here are a few reasons why CBD cartridges are popular at the moment:

  • They are pre-filled with CBD vape oil
  • They make vaping easy
  • They are disposable but can be re-used a couple times
  • They work perfectly with vape pens
  • They are pocket-sized and can easily be carried around

Re-fillable CBD Cartridges

A re-fillable cartridge is an empty vape tank that functions with the help of an internal coil and a wick. It can be filled with different kinds of liquid, including CBD vape oil and distillate, standard nicotine e-liquid and THC oil. Re-fillable cartridges are cheaper and much more economic when compared to pre-filled cartridges or disposable vape pens. If you already have a vaping device but don’t want to mix CBD with the other substances you’ve been taking, then you should go for a cartridge.

Components of a vape cartridges

  • Drip Tip
  • Oil glass tank
  • Ceramic Coil
  • 510 Thread Connect

Everything You Need To Know About CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD cartridges are small portable devices that make vaping CBD more easier. They are disposable mini tanks that are pre-filled with CBD oil. CBD cartridges are beginner-friendly – all you need to do is hook up the tank to a battery and you’re good to go. There are so many ways to consume CBD, but research has shown that using a CBD vape cartridge with a vape pen is more effective and produces the best result.

Guide to buying CBD cartridges

CBD for Cannabidiol is one of the most important chemical compounds extracted from Cannabis or marijuana.

It is free of THC, the main psychoactive component that can cause intoxication.  CBD can be used in different forms, such as oil, tinctures, edibles, and vapes.  CBD cartridges or vapes have become immensely popular as they are simple to use and do not require a messy procedure.  As more and more people start to use CBD cartridges, many new brands have started introducing them.  Companies provide pre-filled CBD cartridges that are disposable.  Even though most of these vendors claim that these CBD cartridges are refillable, a cartridge will break down after about 200 draws on average.  The higher the most attractive advantage of these was possible cartridges is the functionality of USB charging.

Choosing Quality CBD Cartridges

There are different kinds of CBD cartridges available for sale at the moment, but how do you know which is best for you? Well, there are certain factors you must consider before buying a CBD cartridge. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Carefully Read The Ingredients Label

Before you buy a CBD cartridge, you need to go through its ingredients label. If it’s a full spectrum disposable cartridge, it will have high terpene and cannabinoid content. CBD vape pens are quite effective because the vapors in them avoid the “first-pass metabolism”, making it easier for your body to process the terpene and cannabinoid content. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that influence the body in a lot of ways when consumed. They are naturally found in the fruits and vegetables we eat everyday and are not dangerous to the health. Hemp is naturally rich in terpene. It’s the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that induce feelings of calmness, focus, etc. Vegetable glycol and propylene glycol are not toxic, but some users choose to keep them out of their vape because they want everything to be organic. Therefore, go through the label to ensure you’re getting a product that fulfils your needs.

Ensure you carefully examine the lab results of a product before buying it. Try to find out if it’s THC-free, because the cannabinoid content could jeopardize the results of a drug test if you intend to have one. Ensure that that the oil brings you a minimum of 10-20% CBD. Laboratory tests will indicate if there’s any pesticide residue on the hemp.

Check Reviews And Ask For Recommendations

You can learn a lot about a product by discussing it with people that have used or are using it. If you have friends and family who are using CBD, ask them for advice. Find out what brand of CBD cartridge they use and let them tell you why they chose it over the rest. This information will help you make a better decision when next you hit the stores. You can also go online to check for honest reviews from CBD cartridges users of different brands.

CBD Cartridge prices

Undoubtedly the most important factor while buying a CBD product is its price.  You will find different CBD cartridges with varying capacities.  By the one that serves your needs and fits your budget.  100mg CBD cartridge normally costs $50.  CBD vape cartridges and THC vape cartridges almost cost the same.

If you want to avoid the effects of THC, go for hemp-based CBD rich cartridges that contain a significantly lower amount of THC and cannot cause intoxication.

Lab testing

 If you want to buy the best quality CBD vape cartridge, it would be best to go for a third-party lab tested product.  The lab tests will tell you about the source and the extraction method that was used to produce the CBD vape oil.  It also presents the percentage of THC or other phytonutrients and cannabinoids present in the CBD vape.  If the CBD oil used in the vape is extracted using the carbon dioxide extraction method, it is more likely to be pure and of fine quality.

CBD oil potency

 One of the most important factors that should be considered before buying a CBD cartridge is the potency of the vape pen’s CBD oil.  If you don’t watch out for the strength of the CBD in the vape, you may end up taking more than you require.  Even though CBD overdose is extremely safe yet you don’t want to use this precious chemical inefficiently. Overdose can also increase your CBD tolerance, which will eventually lead you to jump to a higher dose and stronger cartridges. You can also use the reading given by the manufacturing companies.

Filling An Empty CBD Oil Cartridge

Here are six steps to follow when filling an empty CBD oil cartridge.

Note: You can still use this procedure when filling any re-fillable or empty pre-filled oil cartridge.

  • Firstly, unscrew the mouthpiece.
  • Pick up your CBD vape oil bottle and fill the tank. Do it carefully, so the liquid does not enter the middle.
  • Your bottle’s tip dropper may be loose, so its advisable to use a syringe for more accuracy.
  • Don’t fill the tank to the brim. Leave some space at the top of it, so that the liquid doesn’t pour when you put the mouthpiece back on.
  • Take a pause and wait for 10-15 minutes to prepare the coil (thicker oils may take longer)
  • Immediately you notice that the flavour has decreased, change the cartridge.

Using A CBD Oil Cartridge

After filling and priming your CBD oil cartridge, the next thing to do is: screw it onto your vape pen or 510 thread battery. Certain batteries are draw-activated and will automatically turn the device on or off.

  • Ensure that your battery is properly charged.
  • Adjust your device to the lowest voltage setting.
  • Take small short puffs first, to evaluate the effects and prepare the coil.
  • Certain cartridges may need higher voltages to produce a satisfying puff.
  • After vaping, put the battery off by clicking the button five times.

The Effects Of Vaping CBD

As stated earlier, Cannabidiol influences the body in so many ways when consumed or inhaled. Here’s what you should expect when vaping CBD:

You’ll Feel Relaxed

Many CBD users have revealed that vaping CBD brings them a feeling of relaxation. It’s just like consuming the cannabis plant with the exception of the marijuana “high”. Using CBD vape products can be a sure way to eliminate discomfort, stress and soreness. While some of the CBD vape blends will make you feel calm and level-headed, others will help you focus better. Lots of users have also reported that vaping CBD made them forget about the negative emotions stored in their minds. Since CBD is an anti-inflammatory, it decreases the body’s pain once consumed, creating a feeling of relaxation. There has also been reports that CBD helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Your Experience May Be Different

CBD influences people differently. For instance, if two individuals vape CBD, one person’s mind may become clearer while the other person’s gets fuzzy. But either way, they both get affected mentally. You may also feel motivated and happy after using CBD vape products. Most CBD vapour flavours are sweet, so you may want to end each day in high spirits, vaping and relaxing to some good music.

It Won’t Get You High

CBD contains little or no THC, so it won’t get you high. Today, lots of movies and songs try to sell the narrative that getting high is a cool and fun experience. Now, while this may be true for some people, it doesn’t work for everyone. For instance, research has shown that some people feel paranoid after smoking. Apart from this, it has also been established that re recreational cannabis can lead to increased heartbeat, vomiting and respiratory system irritation.

CBD vape products provides you the benefits of hemp, without the “high” that marijuana gives. This is only possible because the THC content in CBD vape liquids is always below 0.3% – an amount too small to produce psychoactive effects. As a matter of fact, that minuscule amount of THC makes the CBD vaping great for users.

Additionally, CBD vape cartridges do not give off smoke like CBD flower. When using CBD vape carts, you only get to inhale vapors, which is more safer in the long run.

Will CBD Cartridge Usage Compromise A Drug Test?

Using CBD cartridges will not jeopardize your drug test. However, full spectrum products, which are made up of tiny amounts of THC, may compromise your drug test – since the THC is likely to accumulate in your system. So, it’s advisable to go with a broad spectrum product if you have a drug test coming up anytime soon. Also, THC and CBD have different chemical structures. Conventional drug tests check for THC and not CBD. Therefore, the test will not detect that you’re using CBD vape products. However, it may discover the THC. So make sure that your CBD cartridge brand is not associated with THC.

Most CBD brands sold in stores are safe for use but some have tiny amounts of THC in them. To be on a safe side, always make sure you check the THC content of a CBD cartridge before buying it. If you can find the THC content on the body of the product, you can ask the seller for help. Any good seller will be happy to help you out and will gladly show you where to find the full laboratory results for their products.

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