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All empty vape cartridges sold online have similar designs and serve the same purpose, but some of them have better quality than the others. CCELL cartridge has always been the best quality brand in the empty vape carts industry, but things have changed now. We are happy to provide CBD Vaporize Cartridges with very competitive price, manufactured with good quality materials and proprietary ceramic cell heating elements

You Don’t Need To Pay Extra The truth is, CCELL cartridges are unsophisticated devices that consist of several basic components and a ceramic cell. You may be wondering, what really differentiates a good vape cart from a bad one? Well, it all depends on the quality of materials and the heating cell technology used in the production of the vape cart. Topwax gives the bulk buyer a chance to buy large amounts of quality cartridges at a reasonable price.

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Here’s Why You Should Buy From TopWax

1) We are the only company that conducts laboratory tests on empty carts to check for heavy metals.
2) We make use of good quality materials and advanced manufacturing methods in the production of our cartridges.
3) Our products are stored in warehouses in the U.S.A, and can be shipped immediately an order is made.
4) We offer custom services. We can help you can screen print, engrave or add a logo to your vape carts.
5) Free shipping 24/7.

Buy Lab-Tested Empty Vape Carts

From what we know, TopWax is the only vape cart wholesaler that conducts laboratory tests on its cartridges to check for heavy metal leaching. In order to make sure that our cartridges don’t leach dangerous pollutants that may affect your health, we carry out two kinds of tests. They include:
i) In-Application Metals Testing
This test involves soaking cartridge center posts for 30 days with a terpene load of 30% w/w. After the soaking, the terpene mixture is tested to determine the concentration of leached metals.
ii) CPSC Acid Leaching Methodology
In this test, cartridges are exposed hydrochloric acid which is much more acidic than even the largest of terpene loads. This hydrochloric acid solution test ensures that our cartridge center do not leach concentration of heavy metals that will lead to testing failure.

Good Quality Materials – Excellent Craftsmanship

We are dedicated to quality because we know that the market is filled with inferior 510 cartridges that may contain harmful levels of heavy-metals and other compounds. In order to be unique and boost consumer confidence, we created a certain kind of quality that can’t be found in any other vape cart in the market – the Solis Standard of Quality.

Our cartridges are manufactured from some of the finest metals and plastics used in the industry today. Be rest assured that TopWax  vape cartridges will not leach harmful levels of heavy metals into your products. Our products are made following GMP standard and ISO complaint manufacturing practices. We apply rigorous quality control techniques during production, to get rid of cartridge failures. Additionally, our recorded average failure rate is way below .01%, making us an industry leader in stability and dependability.

Be Unique With Custom Branding

Do you want to design or beautify the vape cartridges with your logo? TopWax offers custom branding are services, including engraving and screen printing.
i) Screen Printing: Let’s help you screen print on the mouth piece and tank, using a variety of colours that fit your brand.
ii) Engraving: Let’s help you carve texts, symbols or anything you want on the metal vape cart component.
iii) The least quantity you can order is 1000 pieces. Lead time is 10 days.

Packed And Stored In The USA. Ready To Be Shipped Anytime!

Let us handle the logistics while you focus on growing your business. Our vape cartridges and all other products we sell are warehoused in the U.S.A. Avoid the stress involved in ordering straight from China. We get new clients everyday because people have realized that importing directly from China can be difficult. We know how difficult it is for you to handle multiple customer requests, that’s why we are committed to delivering your package to the door as quickly as possible. If you place an order before 2:00 PM EST (Monday to Friday), you’ll definitely get your shipment that same day. If you want your package delivered faster, there are other shipping options available. Contact us now for a quote.

Free Shipping 24/7

Every product you buy from us will be shipped to you for free. Lots of companies offer low vape cart prices but charge high amounts for shipping. We are not like that. If you place an order before 2:00 PM EST (from Monday to Friday), you’ll definitely get your shipment that same day. Use coupon code 10OFF when you spend $1,000 and even better.

  1. Ingredients of CBD cartridges

    Different companies use varying chemical compounds to come up with the best CBD cartridge. The cartridges that produce use clouds of smoke contain propylene glycol as a mixing agent. However, a high quantity of propylene glycol can have some health risks, so it is better to avoid cartridges that contain this mixing agent. Instead, go for the ones that contain vegetable glycerin or no mixing agent at all. Make sure to read the ingredients given on the product description by the company to know if there is something unusual or something that you don't want to use.

  2. Types of CBD vape cartridges

    CBD vape cartridges are made up of different types of CBD oils. Cannabidiol is sourced from different types of cannabis species. If the cannabis plant matter is subjected to gentle extraction, it gives out full-spectrum CBD oil containing other cannabinoids and phytochemicals such as aa terpenes and flavonoids. It also contains THC, which may not be a preferable choice for some people. Full-spectrum CBD is further distilled to eliminate THC. It is called broad-spectrum CBD. You can also buy CBD cartridges containing CBD isolate. It is the purest, and a small quantity could prove to be very effective.
    Some people also prefer full-spectrum CBD cartridges for the entourage effect of different effective cannabinoids.